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Intragastric Balloon Specialist

Sergey Lyass, MD -  - Bariatric Surgeon

Sergey Lyass, MD

Bariatric Surgeon & Weight Loss Physician located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA & Glendale, CA

Los Angeles patients who are looking to lose weight after trying with traditional methods can get help through an intragastric balloon, also known as the Orbera System. Dr. Lyass is a leading gastric surgeon who provides this procedure at three different locations: Beverly Hills, Glendale, and Marina del Rey.

Intragastric Balloon Q & A

What is the Intragastric Balloon System?

The Intragastric Balloon System, often referred to the Orbera procedure, is a weight-loss tool which employs a gastric balloon which occupies part of the stomach. The balloon is inserted into the stomach via the mouth through a minimally-invasive endoscopic procedure. The patient will be under mild sedation. Once inserted, the balloon is filled with a saline solution which causes it to expand into a spherical shape. The balloon can be filled with varying amounts of saline in order to suit the patient’s body structure and weight loss needs.

How Does It Work? 

The Orbera balloon takes up space in the stomach which helps a patient to lose weight because it makes them feel full after consuming smaller amounts of food. The system is temporary and will be removed after approximately 6 months. After this, patients will need to maintain good eating and exercise habits to keep the weight off.

When is it Used?

The device is used with obese patients who have a body mass index of 30 to 40 and who have been unsuccessful at losing weight with diet and exercise. The procedure work in combination with diet and exercise to achieve results. 

What Will It Accomplish?

The Orbera system can help patients who are very overweight and those who have threatening or disabling condition as a result of their weight, such as diabetes or asthma. These conditions can be alleviated or improved when the person loses the excess weight and this system helps patients do that. Hard work and dedication will still be required when using the Orbera system and to make sure that the weight stays off patients will have to continue to eat healthily and exercise once the device has been removed.


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